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"GS-Mobil" - GSP- and server aided consulting system for irrigation management/scheduling by climatic water balance for vegetable crops

Project period

In the context of the project “GS-Mobil”, promoted by the German Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE), the Geisenheim Institute of vegetable crops develops, in cooperation with the German Weather Service (DWD) and Helm-Software, an updated version of the Geisenheim Irrigation Scheduling for vegetable crops.

Currently the Geisenheim Irrigation Scheduling is balancing plant and soil water use, irrigation and rain fall, to recommend irrigation events. Therefore the user needs to continuously put culture specific data in this system.

GS-Mobil aims to minimize the need of user supplied input, hence, to model the water needs of the plants in context of their growth and development depending on the weather conditions. This model is going to be the heart of a mobile app programmed by helm-software, which is supplied with weather data from the German Weather Service. The app will provide reliable irrigation recommendations to vegetable producers all over Germany. With this project the vegetable irrigation will become more user friendly, resource efficient and over all: mobile.

Lettuce 'Linaro' (RZ)
Lettuce 'Linaro' (RZ)
Spinach 'Silverwhale' (RZ)
Spinach 'Silverwhale' (RZ)
Onion 'Siverwhale' (Bejo)
Onion 'Siverwhale' (Bejo)

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