Green Geisenheim

A dynamic outlook for our university town

Welcome and thank you for showing interest in our project "Green Geisenheim"

"Green Geisenheim" is a cooperation between Hochschule Geisenheim University and the town of Geisenheim, with the aim of making Geisenheim even more attractive for living, studying and working, which is also welcomed by the citizens of Geisenheim. 

How can we fill the title "Hochschulstadt" university town - awarded to us in 2015 - with life? We want to use our mutual competences and potentials to improve Geisenheim as a place for studying and living. Education and science play an important part in urban and regional development.

Strengthening, qualifying and integrating urban green is an essential part of the project "Green Geisenheim". Green cities offer a higher quality of life and are at an advantage on a national scale, with uban green improving recreation, well-being and general health by improving air quality and urban climate.

Considering the fact that we already feel the effects of climate change, the development of urban green is gaining in significance. 

With Hochschule Geisenheim University's focus on "Green Study Programs" we want to work together with the town of Geisenheim to turn our university town into a green and lively space and at the same time contribute to local climate protection. 




Coming soon: more information on "Green Geisenheim", our goals, partners and team members.



Interesting Facts

Coming soon: Information and weblinks to "Urban Green" and the funding program "Zukunft Stadtgrün" (Urban Green Future). 




In October 2018 the "Green Geisenheim" project was awarded  the "Hochschulperle" (University Pearl) prize by the "Stifterverband" (donors' association). "Hochschulperlen" are innovative, outstanding university projects, which, because they are so small - very similar to a pearl - are not recognized outside the university. This is what the award wants to change, making them visible and attractive to other universities. Every month the donors' association publicises one university pearl and every year one of them is awarded with the "Hochschulperle" award. 



"Green Geisenheim" Project Partners