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Project start: 01.07.2017
Project end: 31.01.2022
Sponsor: Geisenheim University

Large-scale infrastructure projects cause a significant transformation to the landscape, which is often characterized by conflicts, delays and budget overruns. The aim of the MOVE project is to find ways how to take into account the complexity of these tasks during the planning process. To that end, a problem-solving cycle is to be completed, which systemically analyzes the planning and the planning object in its environment (street and landscape). An exploration shall examine how the success of this transformation can be measured given the high number of stakeholders. A modeling approach to analyze the planning processes and its impact on the road and landscape system will provide indications of potential weaknesses. Subsequently, sub-systems identified as particularly relevant will be simulated using Vester's sensitivity model. The lessons learned will be used as suggestions to help optimize the success of the transformation.

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