Vine - Environment - Interaction

Chimney construction in the vineyard

Our research focuses on abiotic factors such as temperature, precipitation, light, carbon dioxide and their effects on

  • vine physiology
  • microclimate
  • product quality and substance formation
  • yield stability and reserve substance storage 
  • resource management and water supply 
  • early stress detection 

The EU funded project Adviclim focuses on examining microclimate in German wine growing regions. Part of the research is the study of seasonal and short-term adaption strategies to climate change, concentrating particularly on local climatic differences. 

The BAG (Bordeaux-Adelaide-Geisenheim) Alliance is a platform for scientists and young researchers to pursue mutual research interests on a transnational scale. The "Heat berry" project at Hochschule Geisenheim University focuses on the effects of temperatures and radiation on substance production in berries. 

In a unique procedure worldwide, the enriching of carbon dioxide by 20 % (predicted for 2050) is taking place in a FACE (Free Air Carbon dioxide Enrichment) facility at Hochschule Geisenheim University. During the procedure the effects of the increased COcontent on vine physiology, berry substances and yield stability are studied. 

More information on our research focuses:


Budburst in FACE