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Geisenheim System Comparison INBIODYN

In 2006 Hochschule Geisenheim University started a long-term study comparing integrated, biological-organic and biological-dynamic management in viticulture.

The project aims at examining the effects of integrated, bio-organic and bio-dynamic management on growth, grape yield and must and wine quality. Mechanisms which are responsible for potential changes are being examined (Döring et al. 2015) in the project with the aim of optimizing management systems, developing guidelines and evaluating the system's sustainability. 

Greening Management in Viticulture NEW (Green Seeds). The research project aims at examining new innovations in sowing techniques to ensure even seed germination. We are also examining three new seed mixes which are supposed to be low-maintenance. 


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Mathias Scheidweiler
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Mathias Scheidweiler
Building 6205
Room 301
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Johanna Döring
Prof. Dr. Johanna Döring
Building 6205
Room 302
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Yvette Wohlfahrt
Dr. Yvette Wohlfahrt
Building 6205
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