Digital Viticulture

Effective management is an important requirement for a competitive vineyard. By combining and integrating high-resolution spectral or multispectral analyses in digital viticulture we can examine physiological and substance affecting grape metabolic responses that vary with regard to time and space.

The iSenS project is examining future-oriented technologies aiming at optimizing the means of production use in special crops. This research area has the goal to develop innovative measurement and evaluation methods for non-invasive and automated plant physiology examination regarding the water supply, nutrients and substances, plant diseases and pests. 

Was everything better in the past? Are we still relying on our intuition or are we bringing modern technologies to the vineyard? Within one vineyard the variability of current supply levels or berry substances can be mapped either from air photos or with the help of a VineRobot.

We are also testing how user-friendly agricultural information systems work together with electronic management records.