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Project start: 01.06.2023
Project end: 31.05.2026
Sponsor: European Commission, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Oenotrace will provide solutions to the ICT-AGRI-FOOD call for proposals as it includes a data-driven system enabling and promoting transparency for the end-users along the value chain from producer to consumer. Mapping of the value chain will be performed, and in the next step critical points/process steps where information flow (and transparency) can be improved will be identified. This will be examined having wine-growing in the focus and will provide the consumers with a clear and transparent tracing of how the bottle of wine has reached them. Data will be available along the entire value chain starting from machinery working in the field applying various rates of inputs (fuel, pesticides, fertilizers) and climate conditions up to winemaking, bottle filling and transportation. One main target is to trace back with full transparency sustainable cultivation practices.

Project start: 28.02.2020
Project end: 27.02.2025
Sponsor: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture