Databases: Login information

Databases with the note "Access free" can be used freely on the Internet.


Databases with the note "Access in Campus network" are licensed for the network of Geisenheim University. Users can access the database on the Campus in Geisenheim or via the VPN-connection.

An additional login is usually not necessary. Please not the peculiarity of following databases:


  • Acta Horticulturae Online Library
    In advance of accessing the full texts, users have to accept the terms of use of the ISHS.
  • Euromonitor Passport
    In advance of accessing the database, users have to accept the terms of use of Euromonitor Int. Please note the correct web address .
  • FIVS-Abridge 
    The database provides six accesses simultaniously. Please use "Anonymous Login" in Campus network and click on "Continue" below the legal disclaimer to access the search mask.Make sure to log off after your research!
  • RSWB Plus  
    The database provides four accesses simoultaniously. Make sure to end the session after yopur research

Many databases provide the possibility to cerate your own user profiles to save your search queries, result lists or similar.

Databases with the note "Access password protected" can only be used with the valid username and password. Users will be logged in by the library staff and can research the database in the library rooms.