German as a foreign language

The university supports the importance for international students of learning the German language. We offer courses at all levels for our international students, so that they can learn about the language and culture of their host country, an essential part of living, studying, and perhaps working in Deutschland.

German courses are offered starting each winter semester, depending on levels required.

To assist us in the organization of these courses, please take a placement test ( and send the result to: It is very important that you do this as early as possible, in order to guarantee your place!

IMPORTANT: If you have absolutely NO knowledge of German, you do NOT need to take a placement test, just contact Frau Betker-Zawisko.



German Language Course A1 - C1

German Language Course

The course is offered at all levels, based on the needs of the students. It starts with A1 (complete beginner) and then progresses, semester by semester, through the levels.

German: Professional and Technical Communication (B1/B2)

Please read the course description in your degree program's module handbook for details of the course content.

Prior knowledge of German at B1/B2 level is required for this course. Please contact the Language Center if you are not sure about your language level. Attendance in the course is mandatory.

Writing Course

The course focuses on scientific writing at C1 level. The course is a supplement to the C1 language course and is offered to all international students who want to improve their writing skills.


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Teaching staff

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