Electronic media: terms of use

General Information

Most publishers control the access to licensed e-journals, databases or e-books by checking the IP address of the computer which started the research. If you are using a computer with an authorized IP address within the network of the University of Geisenheim, you can simply click on the journal title you are looking for.
If you are using a computer outside the University network, you can log in the Campus network via VPN-Client using your valid hs-gm-account in order to get access to licensed e-resources.

Please respect the publisher's terms of use!

Authorized access assumes the publisher’s terms and conditions. For licensed journals the usual terms are:

  • Full-text access is limited to staff and students of the institution.
  • Full-text articles/chapters may be printed or saved solely for private use or for research purposes.
  • Systematic download of articles, chapters or search results, especially using Robots, is prohibited. Noncompliance leads to closing off the publisher’s server for the entire Campus!
  • You are not allowed to pass articles/chapters (electronically or printed) to a third party.
  • Commercial utilization of research results is forbidden.

Access with passwords

Access to full-text documents of several publishers/providers may be regulated with passwords. In this case please address the staff at the loan counter. You will be logged in for your research within the library.
Distribution of passwords is impossible.

German National Licences

In order to improve access to digital resources for German universities, research institutions and  academic libraries, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation) has provided funding for national licences since 2004.
At present, eight institutions are responsible for concluding nation-wide licences for digital products with societies, publishers and other information providers. These eight institutions are also contact partners for providing access.
More information about national licences can be found here: http://www.nationallizenzen.de