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The team in the Examinations Office is happy to answer your questions related to curricula and examinations, including the following:

  • Administration of grades / HISPOS
  • Advice for students regarding degree course timelines, choice of modules, grades and results, etc.
  • Information about examination regulations, curricula
  • Exemption from exams due to illness
  • Applications to the Examinations Committee
  • Certification of grades for official offices, etc.
  • Thesis and colloquium registration
  • Certificates and Transcripts of Records


Jutta Brandscheid
Jutta Brandscheid
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Phone +49 6722 502 79719
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For further questions, please contact Ms Jutta Brandscheid (Müller-Thurgau-Haus, ground floor)

Master Thesis

Application, Writing & Submitting your Thesis

Application for Admission

Online application for admission to the Master's Thesis: Application for admission
Please note, you have to register for ILIAS to use the application form.

The application for admission to the thesis module must be completed online. After printing out the completed application form you will then need to obtain the signatures of your thesis supervisors.

Please submit the completed and signed application to your degree program administrator (Jutta Brandscheid) at the Study Organization & Examinations Office (Studienorganiation und Prüfungswesen - StoP), Müller-Thurgau-Haus, ground floor.

To apply for your Master’s Thesis, your first year must be successfully completed and you have to submit a certificate of completion of an8-week-internship.

Writing your Master's Thesis

First of all, you should find a topic and supervisors for your Master’s Thesis.

The first supervisor is always a member of the academic staff of Hochschule Geisenheim University.

The second supervisor is usually a member of the academic staff of your “home university”.

To apply for your Master’s Thesis, your first year must be successfully completed and you have to submit a certificate of completion of an 8-week-internship.

If your second supervisor cannot sign the form, please ask for confirmation of the supervision by email.

The official period to write the Master’s thesis is 24 weeks.

The elaboration period starts when you get the admission signed by Prof. Dr. Randolf Kauer, Head of Examination Board.

Submitting your Master's Thesis

Very important: Please note that the submission date of your Master’s Thesis is the final date  for submission with all the required documents. Submitting the thesis any later than this submission date means a FAILURE.

In case of illness, you have to provide a medical certificate BEFORE the submission date.

In case of extraordinary circumstances justifying you not being able to submit your thesis in due time, please file an official application to Prof. Dr. Kauer,, Head of Examination Board, explaining your reasons and asking for an extension of the submission date.

Your supervisors have to confirm by email that they agree with the extension.

To submit your Master’s thesis, please bring all the required documents with you.

The “Personal Information” sheet is required so that we can issue and send you the official documents after your graduation.

You can submit your thesis personally or by post. Should you decide to send the documents by post, please note that it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure that the parcel arrives in the Examination Office during the normal office hours (by 4pm) on the submission date.

Thesis Defence

Application for Admission & Important Information

You will be admitted to the Master’s Thesis DEFENSE if you passed:

  • All the 2nd year exams at Hochschule Geisenheim University
  • The written part of the Master’s Thesis.

Information about Application for Admission to the Master's Thesis defense:

  • Suggest a period of time for your defense.
  • Please note that the defense usually takes place 3-4 weeks after the submission of the Master’s Thesis.
  • Your supervisors have to read the final version of your thesis, decide if you passed this written part , and find a date and time for your defense which is convenient for all members of the examination committee.


  • The defense should not take longer than 30 minutes. The presentation of the thesis should last between 10 and15 minutes.
  • The jury consists of your 1st and 2nd supervisor (participates via video conference) and two further members of the academic staff of Hochschule Geisenheim University. Three members must be physically present at Hochschule Geisenheim University. Additional members can participate via video conference.
  • The Master's Thesis including the defense is finally graded by the jury.
  • The defense is open to the public.