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Inaugural Lectures

Eine Person läuft über eine Wiese mit hohem Gras. © Hochschule Geisenheim

Fascinating insights into the previous and future research and teaching focal points of three new professors

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ProWein Media Summit on Climate Change in Geisenheim

Over 30 international journalists from 20 countries attended the Geisenheim Conference on Climate Change

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Truffles are Conquering Germany

Together with Kompetenzzentrum Kulturlandschaft (KULT), Hochschule Geisenheim University recently hosted a truffle conference for around 100 members of the German Truffle Association (Verband für Trüffelanbau und Nutzung in Deutschland e.V.).

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Methods Used in Researching the Impacts of Climate Change

27 participants attended the Summer School on Climate Change Research Methods in Geisenheim

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Practical Research Project VitiFIT launched

German Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner handed over a grant amounting to 6.3 million euros to finance a major five-year joint project focusing on vine health preservation in organic viticulture

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Floral Vegetation in Steep-Slope Viticulture

Hochschule Geisenheim University research project aims to show how new terraced vineyards can be efficiently planted with cover crops which also help in nature conservation.

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German wine culture could receive UNESCO cultural heritage status

The German Wine Institute hopes that German wine culture could be listed as an intangible UNESCO cultural heritage in order to raise public awareness as well as acknowledge the efforts of all involved in the area.

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First-ever Geisenheimer Science Pub

Eduard von Lade gets a makeover!

Experience Science at first hand!

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Fire as a tool for nature conservation

Hochschule Geisenheim University is examining the effects of controlled habitat burning on the regeneration of endangered plant species.

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