AStA office

Without support from the office we would be stranded!

Our office-team is made up of the AStA-team. We open our gates every Monday from 7pm to 8 pm or are at your service anytime at asta(at) As a special service we offer office supplies in our shop, the “Lädchen”. Pssst, if you are a landscape architect, you get almost everything your heart is longing for - or what your professor orders you to have! On top of that, this is where our lending service is at home - check it out! And feel free to contact us via mail or social media.

The "Lädchen"

The “Lädchen” is our shop!

In our shop you get all kinds of office supplies you need for your everyday student-life. From highlighters, folders to large format drawing pads. Especially for the landscape architects we offer a wide variety of Brush-Highlighters and colored pencils as well as translucent paper and more… If you need any speciality, just give us a heads up and we order it through our supplier. Because we don´t have to pay any intermediaries, all products are cheaper for you.

The “Lädchen” is open during the office opening hours. Come and take a look! 

The Lending Service

The AStA offers you a wide range of different products, like drilling machines, drums or beamers. We are also continuously acquiring more useful items. If you have any wishes or ideas for this, we are happy about your suggestions!

To lend any products just message us via mail at asta(at) or visit the office during the opening hours. Over there only a form and a small deposit later you can go home with your desired item. The deposit will be refunded upon return.


Currently in office

Mareike Sauer

Visit us from 08.04.24 on Mondays from 2 to 3.30 pm and Thursdays from 10 to 11.15 am.

Also on request.

Please contact us for an appointment:



AStA Büro
Brentanostraße 9b
65366 Geisenheim


Telephon: 06722 502717


Opening hours

Visit us from 15.06.2023 always on Thursdays from 16:30 to 18:00 o'clock
Currently in our Lending Service
Product Deposit
Bosch Akkuschrauber mit zwei Akkus, Ladegerät und 32-teiligem Bitsatz 10 €
Masko® 725 teiliger Werkzeug Trolley 10 €
Bosch Schlagbohrmaschine mit zusätzlichem Bohr-Set X30 Ti 10 €
Red Fahrrad-Reperatur-Kit mit Red Radpumpe 10 €
Radpumpe 10 €
Fahrrad 20 €
Fahrradanhänger 20 €
Fahrradlampen 10 €
Fahrradschloss 10 €
Gabelring Schlüsselsatz 10 €
Beamer 50 €
Leinwand 10 €
Musikanlage 50 €
Biergarnituren 10 € p. Garnitur
Stichsäge 10 €