Erasmus+ for staff: teaching and training activities

Training and teaching activities

In addition to supporting the mobility of students abroad, the International Office also has funds available to promote the mobility of staff at Hochschule Geisenheim University. The Erasmus+ program supports visits by university lecturers for teaching purposes as well as administrative staff for further education and training measures within Europe.

Within the Erasmus+ program, foreign company personnel can also be financially supported for a teaching stay at Hochschule Geisenheim University within the scope of the available funds in order to strengthen cooperation between the university and industry.

The following group of people can be supported:


  •     Professors and lecturers with a contractual relationship with the university
  •     Lecturers without endowment
  •     Lecturers with work contracts
  •     Emeritus professors and retired lecturers
  •     Academic staff
  •     Company staff from abroad
  •     Employees from all areas of the university (e.g. library, general and student administration, institutes....)
Erasmus+ mobility for teaching

Stays at Erasmus+ partner universities for teaching purposes can be funded for 2 - 60 days if teaching takes place for at least 8 hours per week.
Through their stay, guest lecturers should strengthen the European dimension of the host university, complement its teaching programme and impart their specialist knowledge to students who do not want to or cannot study abroad. Where possible, the development of joint study programmes between the partner universities should play a role, as should the exchange of teaching content and methods.
Staff from foreign companies and organisations can also be invited to German universities for teaching purposes.

Requirements for participation:

  • Your planned stay has been approved by a business trip application.
  •  The host institution has signed an ERASMUS agreement with Hochschule Geisenheim University.
  •  Your stay at the Erasmus+ partner university lasts between 2 and 60 days (not including travelling days). You will teach at least 8 hours per week or per stay if the duration of your stay is less than one week.
  •   An application for funding is possible on an ongoing basis as long as sufficient financial resources are available.

Funding is based on flat rates set by the EU depending on the destination country, regardless of your actual costs. You will receive a lump sum for travelling expenses - this is calculated using the EU distance calculator - and a lump sum for accommodation per day. Arrival and departure days do not normally count as days of stay. Depending on the funds available, not all days of the trip will be subsidised with the flat daily rate ("zero-grant period").
Please note that if the lump sums exceed the amounts calculated in accordance with travel expenses law, the excess amount paid out must be taxed.

Please contact us.

ERASMUS+ mobility for training

Teachers and staff from all university departments can be funded for a 2 to max. 5-day training stay at an Erasmus+ partner university or in a European company or institution active in the labour market or in the fields of education, training or youth.
In addition to the further education of the participant, the aim is to strengthen the internationalisation of Hochschule Geisenheim University through the exchange of experience within the European Higher Education Area and the consolidation of Erasmus+ partnerships.

The following types of stay are possible:

  • Individually organised stays within the framework of so-called job shadowing. This should be carried out in a department at the partner university/company that corresponds or is comparable to your own field of work. An individual programme is defined in advance.
  • Participation in an "International Staff Week", a workshop, language course, seminar or similar organised by the partner university. Corresponding invitations are sent to all heads of department, deans and international representatives. As a rule, 1 - 2 registrations per Staff Week are possible throughout the university. You can find an overview of the Staff Weeks currently on offer on the EU platform

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