Research Information System (FIS)

Welcome to the Website of the Research Information System

The Research Platform is the public part of our Research Information System (FIS). It is a web-based database application that combines information about our university's research activities with relevant contextual information. After extensive testing, FIS was officially launched on January 1, 2022.

The system collects data on research activities, i.e. metadata, such as:

  • publications
  • research projects
  • presentations
  • and other activities

Purpose and goals of the FIS system

  • Create an integrated research information system from multiple decentralized research information repositories.
  • Simplify data collection and maintenance thanks to data transfer from existing IT systems and digital surces of information (e.g. literature databases)
  • Harmonize research-related data by incorporating national as well as international standardization processes
  • Strengthen the perception and visibility of the university's research profile in the scientific community and the general public

FIS is a huge benefit to our researchers and our research administration.