Bachelor, Master, BSc – a quick overview!

If you decide on a degree program in Geisenheim, you’ll be studying for a Bachelor or a Master degree, introduced in Germany in 1999, as part of the Bologna Process. In this EU-wide initiative, the older diploma degree programs in Germany were replaced by the 2-level system of Bachelor and Master programs.

The Bachelor of Science (BSc), or Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) (Landscape Architecture) degree is the first of these 2 levels, and is awarded to students who successfully complete the degree program.

After receiving this degree, Geisenheim graduates are professionally qualified to work in all areas of their chosen field, e.g. as head of a company or in consulting. Attached to the Bachelor Certificate is the Diploma Supplement, which gives detailed information about all courses taken at the university.

All our Bachelor degree courses can be followed by a Master degree in the same discipline, thus enabling students interested in a scientific career, or a more highly-qualified profile in their field, to seamlessly continue with their education. Master degree courses generally demand specific academic admission requirements as well as personal qualifications and have a much higher scientific orientation. After 3 or 4 semesters of study, students are awarded the Master of Science (MSc) or Master of Engineering (MEng) (Landscape Architecture) degree.

With this academic title, Geisenheim graduates are professionally equipped for higher-level jobs, or to further advance in a scientific career on a PhD program, which is often also undertaken at Geisenheim.

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