Brief Information degree course International Wine Business (B. Sc.)

Degree course International Wine Business
Degree Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)
Duration of study 6 Semester
Practical studies seminars, practical exercises, field trips
Start of course winter semester
Admission restrictions none
Master course Vinifera EuroMaster (M.Sc.), Weinwirtschaft (M.Sc.)
Pre-study work experience advice Manuela Ortner M.A.
Degree program advice Prof. Dr. Jon Hanf
Admission May 2017 until August 15, 2017 (foreign students via uni assist) and November 9, 2017 (german students) possible. Please contact the Admission Office

Good lecturer - good fellowship

Studying in a scientific and relaxed atmosphere

Close relationship in the "campus university"

There is a special atmosphere in Geisenheim, which encourages a very close relationship between students and teaching staff, and we also benefit from very closely interconnected institutes within the campus, the synergies of which are utilized to your best advantage within our study and research programs. Geisenheim University is a classic ‘campus university’, in that all our teaching and research facilities, student accommodation and other student-related facilities can be found on, or very close to our park-like grounds.

These form an attractive backdrop for numerous internal and external events throughout the year. Teaching takes place in modern classrooms and lecture halls, well-equipped laboratories, our own winery and beverage production facilities, as well as outside in our vineyards.



Along science-based tradition

Research of market

The Geisenheim Campus

The Geisenheim Campus in Germany has a very long tradition in research and higher education, having been in existence since 1872, when it was founded as “Royal Prussian Institute of Pomology and Viticulture”. The university is highly acknowledged in the fields of viticulture, enology, beverage technology and, for more than 50 years, in wine business.

Our professors and researchers perform the ‘balancing act’ between fundamental and applied research; being able to offer international presentations and publications to and for a scientific audience as well as interacting equally effectively at the market-level.

"W" questions of scientific knowledge and business

What else?



What would research be without practical experience?

What would practical experience be with out the knowledge gained from research?

What would education be without practical experience and the possibility to get right down to the roots of something?


This is the reason why research, education and practical experience at Geisenheim University don’t just exist side by side, but are interactively linked, thus profiting greatly from each other.

The degree programs at our university specialize in educating our students through the application of scientific methods and practical skills.