From the very beginning of the 1872 founded "Koenigliche Lehranstalt fuer Obst- und Weinbau", the library has been an inherent part of the Geisenheim University (formerly Geisenheim Research Center), located in the main building, together with various other exhibitions.

By 1882 the library collection included 1,400 items and 20 journals.

In 1918 the library moved to the former student dorm at Brentano street. It was the same building as the fruit processing station and the departments of fertilizing and soil fertility.

By 1930 the collection has extended to 11,000 items.

During World War II the library building and most items in it were heavily damaged. Many precious items were lost ad infinitum. Due to the lack of assets and the high fluctuation of staff the reconstruction went on slowly after war.

In 1969 the library of the Society for the History of Wine was merged with the library of the Geisenheim Research Center. By now just the collection of the Society for the History of Wine includes approximately 2,700 items which can be researched here.

From 1972 on the academic branch of the Research Center has been conveyed to the University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden. Since then the library also provides services to the students of the University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden located at Geisenheim.

In 1990 the library was admitted to the Handbook of historical book stocks.

By the late 1990ies the library was relocated once again. Today it has found its final home in the new build lecture building at Von-Lade-Straße (see Campus-Map).

Today the library collection of the Library of Geisenheim University includes about 120,000 items allocated at the main library and the institute libraries.



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