Geisenheim International

A big part of our concept for the future of Geisenheim University is the increasing internationalization of all aspects of studying, teaching and research. We see it as essential in today’s globalized and highly-networked business world that our academic areas can compete internationally, all the while remaining innovative sources of training and scientific research. An international outlook is also vital in giving us new perspectives, which, in turn, lead to new ways of thinking and doing business.

Geisenheim University is following a strategy of continuously strengthening its position in the scientific and academic landscape based upon its strong technical situation. This is a strategy which will be realized through partnerships and cooperations with national and international contacts. One of the key strengths of the university is its extensive and wide-reaching international network built up over a long period of time, and our aim is to cultivate and expand this in order to further facilitate the international mobility of our students, teaching staff and scientists.

On our ‚International‘ pages you can find information about possibilities for spending time abroad, funding programs, our partners both in Europe and worldwide, the many courses available in our Language Center as well as information for foreign students interested in studying here in Geisenheim. Last but not least we can also provide you with information about international research projects.