E-Tutor Qualification

Tutors provide valuable support for teaching staff. They assist in various settings ranging from lab exercises to creating digital learning content or organizing own tutorials.

In order to help students prepare for these diverse tasks, Hochschule Geisenheim University has created a two-step qualification program for e-tutors. The program is divided into didactic, technical and social units and can be completed in parallel to your studies.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact hochschuldidaktik(at)hs-gm.de!


Access to the program

Please click on the button to access the e-tutor section in ILIAS which contains further information and the qualification programs.


What is an e-tutor?

As student assistants, e-tutors support teaching staff in using digital tools and/or implementing online teaching and learning scenarios.

They create or produce digital or hybrid teaching/learning scenarios and assist teachers and students with questions and problems that might arise in this context. In addition, they support or host online formats and forums, and motivate students to engage in online assignments. They act as an interface between students and teachers.

In the e-tutor qualification program, students acquire social and digital skills that are important for their professional careers.

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Information on the Qualification Program

Students complete the eTutor qualification program online in parallel to their studies. The program consists of various asynchronous and synchronous courses which can be accessed in the e-tutor section in Ilias.

After completing the program, students can obtain an e-tutor certificate.


Start April 2022
Basic module In a first step, students are given a brief introduction to the basics of didactics and the psychology of learning, as well as to copyright regulations in teaching and an overview of the learning platforms used at HGU. In addition, students attend a workshop to learn more about their role and responsibilities and network with peers. It is recommended to complete the basic module as soon as you have started working in the department. The module comprises approximately 4.5 hours.
Consolidation After completing the basic modules, students can attend advanced modules of the "e-tutor Academy". Depending on their area of activity and personal interests, students are free to chose the modules they would like to attend.
Complementary workshops starting in April 2022
Certificate To obtain the eTutor qualification, students have to complete all basic modules as well as 12 units from the pool of modules in the "e-tutor Academy" from at least two different areas (didactic, social, technical).