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Welcome Prof. Dr. Moritz Wagner

Moritz Wagner studied at the University of  Hohenheim in Stuttgart where he obtained his PhD in 2017 on methodological approaches for assessing the environmental performance of the cultivation and use of renewable resources in the context of bioeconomy. After his PhD he worked as a postdoc and project manager for three years in the EU project GRACE, which assesses and optimizes the economic, social and environmental sustainability of various biobased value chains. From 2020 to 2021, he worked as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager in the purchasing department of the Lidl Foundation in Heilbronn. Now he holds the professorship for sustainable use of resources and life cycle analyses for special crops at Hochschule Geisenheim University.

Assessing the environmental sustainability of special crops along the entire value chain will be in the center of his research. In addition to identifying the negative environmental impacts, he also wants to integrate the positive ecosystem services into the assessment process. Based on these results, the analyzed systems can be improved holistically and, using monetization approaches, the true economic value and environmental impact of the products can be calculated. In his lectures, Wagner wants to provide students with a basic understanding of different sustainability concepts and enable them to identify and address sustainability risks as well as sustainability performance in the entire supply chain – from agricultural production to the consumer.