Highlight of the Nederburg Auction – Prof. Dr. Monika Christmann

Foto: Neil Pendock

Das Ende der Wein-Steinzeit

„In seinem Blog Uncorked berichtet Neil Pendock heute über den Auftritt von Prof. Monika Christmann aus Geisenheim als Gastrednerin bei der 34. Nederburg Auction, die Ende September 2008 in Paarl stattfand. Christmann referierte dort über ihr Fachgebiet und Lieblingsthema: wie neue Technologien die Weinwelt beeinflussen. „, kommentiert Scheuermann in

One of the most respected wine researchers in the world, Professor Christmann from the Geisenheim State Research Institute in Germany, delivered a tour de force appraisal of the role of modern technology in shaping future wine trends. The best quote in her speech was came from Bloemfontein-born Sakkie Pretorius, managing director of the Australian Wine Research Institute, who noted that the Stone Age didn’t end because people ran out of stones. Rather, it was new technologies that shifted the paradigm.[…] Towards the end of her address, Dr. Christmann raised the Frankenstein scenario of tomorrow’s winemaker living in Iceland assembling an international cuvée using aroma fractions from Germany, colour fractions from South Africa, water from Italy and acids from France. “A future we’re not in favour of” as she noted to widespread Noddy activity in the audience. But if the consumer is indeed the most important person in the wine equation as she’d earlier averred, is the good doctor not being just a tad disingenuous if she demands national purity for wine while driving a Volkswagen with a Mexican motor, Chinese chassis and Brazilian brakes? [Quelle: The Times Pendock Uncorked]

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