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Klaus Stettler
Klaus Stettler
Building 1005
Room Mediencenter
Phone +49 6722 502 745
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Hochschule Geisenheim University's Media Center




Locker rental

Students can rent a locker, situated in the basement of the Campus Building, for the duration of their studies. A key deposit of €20 is required. Rental is organized only through the Media Center.


Hochschule Geisenheim University Merchandising Products

DIN A4 Ringbinder












DVD "Aus Trauben wird Wein", Gerhard Troost


Jahr: 1950, Laufzeit: 100min.


DVD "Rundgang durch die Lehranstalt"


Jahr: 1952, Laufzeit: 3`54 min


Notepad DIN A4



Notepad DIN A5






Fabric bag




DVD "Obstbau in Geisenheim"


Jahr: 1932, Laufzeit: 10`21 min.


Postcards - Various designs



Copy cards for the student copy machine

Copy cards, which are available from the Media Center (€5 deposit), can be used in the copy machines in the library, Monrepos and next to the CAD room in the Pavillon building. You can also use your student card as a copy card. Please note that it is only possible to copy in black and white (DIN A4 und DIN A3) on the copy machines.

Price: DIN A4 €0.04 and DIN A3 €0.08

Documents, up to 6 pages, can also be scanned and sent to your HS-GM email account, and larger documents can be scanned to a USB-Stick.

The printer "HGU-Drucker an druck-srv1" should be chosen. "HSG-Drucker" is inactive!

Printing can also be sent per E-Mail, by sending an email with the document to printme(at) .