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Klaus Stettler
Klaus Stettler
Building 1005
Room Mediencenter
Phone +49 6722 502 745
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Hochschule Geisenheim University's Media Center




Locker rental

Students can rent a locker, situated in the basement of the Campus Building, for the duration of their studies. A key deposit of €20 is required. Rental is organized only through the Media Center.


Hochschule Geisenheim University Merchandising Products










DVD "Aus Trauben wird Wein", Gerhard Troost


Jahr: 1950, Laufzeit: 100min.


DVD "Rundgang durch die Lehranstalt"


Jahr: 1952, Laufzeit: 3`54 min



Merchandising products of Hochschule Geisenheim University can be purchased in the Media Center during our opening hours.


Notepad DIN A4



Notepad DIN A5






Fabric bag




DVD "Obstbau in Geisenheim"


Jahr: 1932, Laufzeit: 10`21 min.


Postcards - Various designs



Copy cards for the student copy machine

Copy cards, which are available from the Media Center (€5 deposit), can be used in the copy machines in the library, Monrepos and next to the CAD room in the Pavillon building. You can also use your student card as a copy card. Please note that it is only possible to copy in black and white (DIN A4 und DIN A3) on the copy machines.

Price: DIN A4 €0.04 and DIN A3 €0.08

Documents, up to 6 pages, can also be scanned and sent to your HS-GM email account, and larger documents can be scanned to a USB-Stick.

The printer "HGU-Drucker an druck-srv1" should be chosen. "HSG-Drucker" is inactive!

Printing can also be sent per E-Mail, by sending an email with the document to printme(at) .