Celebrating Commitment to Excellence in Teaching

Hochschule Geisenheim University’s Teaching Award honors instructors and teams of instructors who have made an exceptional contribution to academic teaching and who inspire and support their students in the learning process.

The award recognizes this outstanding commitment to excellent teaching and aims to share best practices in order to encourage staff to refine or improve their teaching concepts and modules.

Our students have a special role to play in this context as they are the only ones who can submit nominations.



If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact hochschuldidaktik@hs-gm.de.


Yasmin Peters
Yasmin Peters, M.Sc.
Building 9002
Room 5
Phone +49 6722 502 484
Yasmin.Peters(at)hs-gm.de Details
André Beem
André Beem, M.A.
Building 9002
Room 4
Phone +49 6722 502 485
Andre.Beem(at)hs-gm.de Details
Carolin Richardt
Carolin Richardt, M.A.
Building 9002
Room 3
Phone +49 6722 502 785
Carolin.Richardt(at)hs-gm.de Details

Best Practices of (digital) teaching

Special examples of innovative digital teaching at Geisenheim University were already highlighted in 2020. Feel free to take a look at the projects presented at that time. You can also find more examples of particularly successful examples on our page "Practical Examples of Digital Teaching".