Celebrating Commitment to Teaching Excellence

Hochschule Geisenheim University’s Teaching Award honors instructors and teams of instructors who have made an exceptional contribution to academic teachingand inspire and support their students in the learning process.

The award recognizes this outstanding commitment to excellent teaching and aims to share best practice examples in order to encourage staff to refine or improve their teaching concepts and modules.

Make a nomination

Please note that only students (individually or as a team) are entitled to make nominations.

They can nominate individual instructors or teams of instructors at Hochschule Geisenheim University whose courses in the winter semester 2021/22 or summer semester 2022 – digital, face-to-face or hybrid – have been particularly inspiring.

Nominations must be submitted by August 7, 2022 through HGU's apte portal. 

Selection procedure

Step 1 - Nomination: Instructors or teams of instructors whose digital, face-to-face or hybrid courses have been particularly inspiring are eligible for nominations. Please note that only students are entitled to nominate candidates.

Step 2 - Application: Nominees are notified by University Didactics & eLearning and asked to describe their teaching concept. They may use a form or additional materials such as posters or videos. Final deadline to submit application materials: August 31, 2022

Step 3 - Selection:  The award recipients are selected by the Awards Committee, which consists of students and teaching staff members and is appointed by the Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs.

Award Ceremony

The Teaching Award will be presented annually at the teaching forum between the summer and winter semester.Every year, two awards will be presented which are worth € 1,500 each.

This year's award ceremony will take place at the teaching forum on September 23, 2022.

Awards Committee

The award recipients are selected by the Awards Committee.

It is made up equally of students and teaching staff members and chaired by the Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs. A new Awards Committee will be established each year. If you would like to join the Committee, feel free to apply during the application period.

Awards Committee 2022


Vice-President of Academic and Student Affairs


Prof. Dr. Alexander von Birgelen


Jannik Boer, B.Sc. Beverage Technology

Maximilian Retterath, M.Sc. Food Safety

Lisa Zimmermann, M.Sc. Beverage Technology

Dennis Zimmerstädt, 6th semester B.Sc. Horticulture

Teaching staff

Katharina Adler, M.Sc.


Emma Gledhill-Schmitt, B. A.

Prof. Dr. Bianca May

Dr. Matthias Schmitt


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact hochschuldidaktik@hs-gm.de.

Yasmin Peters
Yasmin Peters, M.Sc.
Building 9002
Room 5
Phone +49 6722 502 484
Yasmin.Peters(at)hs-gm.de Details
André Beem
André Beem, M.A.
Building 9002
Room 4
Phone +49 6722 502 485
Andre.Beem(at)hs-gm.de Details
Carolin Richardt
Carolin Richardt, M.A.
Building 9002
Room 3
Phone +49 6722 502 785
Carolin.Richardt(at)hs-gm.de Details