Strategic University Development & Sustainability

Strategic University Development & Sustainability

The department's role is to include sustainability as a profile-raising, key element in the university development process. As part of Hesse’s higher education pact 2021 – 2025, the university’s goal is to implement ‘Education for Sustainable Development’ – a concept established by the United Nations – as a holistic and transformational educational strategy using a Whole Institution Approach, and to turn Hochschule Geisenheim University into a climate-neutral campus.

In this context, we are developing a detailed sustainability concept for the entire university, and creating a central energy and biomass management.  In addition, we are preparing sustainability reports according to the university-specific sustainability codex (HS-DNK).

A sustainability office (Green Office) has been established within the department, whose role is to coordinate sustainability initiatives between staff and students and to communicate them to the public. In  addition, the office is responsible for creating a participation concept for sustainable development issues.  

Because of its advisory and coordination capacities, the department supports all institutes and members of our university and can be contacted for any questions concerning sustainability.

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