Quality Management

Quality Management

High quality is to be the defining characteristic of the Geisenheim Profile in the areas of study and teaching, research, the advancement of young scientists and university administration.  Ensuring this quality is the key management task of the President's Council. At our young university a wide range of quality analysis and quality assurance instruments are already being strategically applied, developed and successively linked together to form a comprehensive quality management system.  

The Quality Management department supports the President's Council, the study and research areas and the university administration, committees and working groups in all quality management related activities and projects: vision, mission and strategic development objectives, internal target agreements, monitoring and evaluation processes, as well as ongoing participatory quality development.

Verwaltungsgebäude (Administration Building)

Areas of Responsibility

The responsibilities of the quality management department cover the following areas:

  • the establishment, continuous development and implementation of the quality management concept in cooperation with the individual university players
  • process management for the processes in the process map, maintenance and development of a process portal for the improved transparency and plausibility of internal university processes, the clarification of competencies and responsibilities and the delivery of documents
  • the implementation and coordination of monitoring, internal evaluations and audits on behalf of the presidium
  • the development and implementation of empirical surveys and analyses of specific issues
  • the ongoing development of the reporting system
  • assistance with the development of valid key indicators for the university management
  • support in closing quality control loops in close cooperation with the respective organizational units/individuals
  • the promotion of communication processes and information flows
  • the project management of university development projects

The department monitors the scientific debate on quality management and quality assurance in higher education institutions and makes its expertise available as and when required. It maintains regional and transregional expert networks.


Current Focus

Optimum processes within academic services

Since the end of 2015 Hochschule Geisenheim University has introduced a process-oriented quality management system in the academic service areas of the university administration. We develop and refine procedures to support our core processes in research, study and teaching.  This involves such areas as financial management, student administration and the appointment of professorial staff.  Once preparatory work is complete, the resulting process descriptions and associated documents, such as guidelines and forms are made available to the university community via a process portal.

Project Management

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Petra Horlaville
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