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German courses

German courses are offered at all levels for our international students, and take place in small, relaxed groups. Learning German is very important, especially if students would like to do an internship in Germany, but also for day-to-day interaction. Germans generally speak a good level of English, but companies require their interns to be able to communicate in German.

You will usually be contacted as soon as you are enroled at the university, but any questions regarding the German program should be sent to the German course coordinator, Frau Agi Meisl-Faust: Sprachenzentrum(at)


Preparation Courses

These courses prepare the students for the Technical language courses which are often a mandatory part of the degree program. Students can also choose to learn a language for example as preparation for an internship or semester abroad; we currently offer beginner courses in French, Italian and Spanish, as well as Arabic, Chinese and Japanese.

Most courses start at beginner level and then continue to build on this over 2 - 4 semesters. Courses begin every winter semester and registration is in Stud.IP.

Head of Department

Emma Gledhill-Schmitt
Emma Gledhill-Schmitt, B.A.
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Room 01.11
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