Continuing Education

Continuing Education and Career Service

Institute of Continuing Education (GIW) / Career Service

Institute of Continuing Education (GIW)

Offering qualification training is a legal responsibility of a university (§16 HHG), and aims to further the students’ own potential and their professional careers and, with that, helping to ensure the employment security.

At Hochschule Geisenheim University this is the job of the ‘Geisenheimer Institut für Weiterbildung’ (GIW).

The GIW offers the further development of practical experience in connection with the working world, and helps to develop the participants’ knowledge and skills in their field.

Career Service

The Career Service of Hochschule Geisenheim University not only answers questions the students may have about their professional orientation and qualifications, but also supports students who have doubts about their studies and problems transitioning from university into a working environment.

We offer guidance and new perspectives through selected seminars, workshops and projects to promote the students’ key skills, and we also offer personal counselling. Everything free of charge, of course!

Due to our wide range of contacts with regional and international potential employers, the Career Service is an important mediator between students and the working world.

With our network reaching outside the university, we are able to council students with different kinds of needs, from leaving university to starting up a new business.