Corona Pandemic Information/Announcements

Corona Pandemic Update

FFP2 / Medical Masks Required Throughout Central Campus

Starting on February 22, 2021 at 7 a.m. for the entire examination period until and including March 8, 2021! 

We have noticed that some crowds have gathered (outside) near the exam rooms, in most cases without wearing masks and not keeping distance. According to the domiciliary rights of Hochschule Geisenheim University, the crisis team has adopted the following regulation, which applies for the entire exam period between Monday, February 22, 7 a.m. and March 8, 2021.

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory during this time, also OUTDOORS! This applies for the area of the central campus, administration building, auditorium, central lecture hall complex and cafeteria, ZIG laboratory and Villa Monrepos;
  • After the exams, please leave the rooms and the campus without delay.  

These measures help to protect all of us. Thank you for understanding!


Notification procedure for suspected infection
Corona(at) / +49 6722 502 285
(Health Management)


Hannah Schmidt-Weis
Hannah Schmidt-Weis