Message from the President Regarding the Corona Virus (XXXVI)


Corona Pandemic Update

Message from the President Regarding the Corona Virus (XXXVI)

Dear colleagues and students,

Since yesterday, 25.6.2021, new rules and regulations apply. You can find the document attached and on our website (unfortunately only available in German):

  • The University has a larger quantity of kits for self-testing available. These can be ordered from Dr. Karsten Rose or Hannah Schmidt-Weis, in case they are needed for lectures a.s.o. The Hygienic rules continue to apply.
  • Teaching courses in presence are still restricted by the rules and regulations with respect to distance and hygienic conditions.
  • Inside buildings wearing masks is still mandatory in hallways, entrance lobbies a.s.o until the seats, for instance in the lecture hall or office, are reached. There the mask may be taken off.
  • Outside events allow more freedom. Currently, events up to 500 persons can take place if rules and regulations with respect to distance and hygienic conditions can be met. This will hopefully help us to organize our graduation ceremony in presence on the 27th of August.
  • Rules with respect to homeoffice still apply. We will inform immediately, if changes in State Instructions need to be implemented.
  • Thanks to all who contributed today to the vaccination session at the University (for employees and students). A special thank you to Ortrud Koulen-Wobbe, Hannah Schmidt-Weis, Dr. Karsten Rose, Matthias Schiller (IT) and the representatives of the staff council who supported with food and beverages. And of course thanks to the vaccinating team from Wiesbaden, very professional and fast!

Stay healthy!

Best regards

Prof. Dr. Hans R. Schultz
-  Präsident -


Notification procedure for suspected infection
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Hannah Schmidt-Weis

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