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Corona Pandemic Update

Message from the President regarding the Corona-Virus (XXXII)

Dear international students,

the Parliament of the Federal Republic has passed a new law on the prevention and regulation of infectious diseases on Thursday. Many passages with respect to the possible impact on Universities require some clarification.

After consultation with the Ministry for Science and the Arts, the following rules and regulations of the new law apply (or don’t apply):

  • courses scheduled to be conducted in presence with students, can be conducted as such as long as the hygienic plan can be obeyed. Rules on incidence thresholds for Covid cases per 100.000 inhabitants issued for schools (primary to high school) do not apply to Universities.
  • extended regulations on homeoffice will be enforced as from next week. Presence at the University is only permitted for staff with duties which require personal attendance (work in laboratories, access to infrastructure, documents, insufficient access to necessary equipment from home a.s.o).   
  •  A curfew has been issued between 10pm and 5am. If it is necessary to cross these times because of work (thesis experiments a.s.o), the supervisors can issue a certificate.   
  • There is a new test center close to the EDEKA supermarket which offers free-of-charge tests for anybody without the requirement for pre-registration.
  • Lecture rooms will be opened for self-study every workday. Central Campus (library building) from 7am to 7pm. Villa Monrepos between 7am and 4pm. Please register with the QR codes provided and obey the hygienic rules.

Hang in there, be patient and stay healthy


Hans R. Schultz


Notification procedure for suspected infection
Corona(at) / +49 6722 502 285
(Health Management)


Hannah Schmidt-Weis
Hannah Schmidt-Weis