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Corona Pandemic Update

Message from the President regarding the Coronavirus (XXVII)

Dear colleagues, dear students,

the exams-phase is just ahead of us. This brings about a lot of organisational challenges for staff, students and support teams alike. Additionally, we have a new ordinance of the Hessian Ministry for the Sciences and the Arts with respect to the exams.

  • Employees: During the exams-phase FFP2 or surgical masks (OP masks) are mandatory. If there is additional demand (above the call launched 2 weeks ago), please contact Dr. Rose;
  • Students: As mentioned above, FFP2 or OP masks are mandatory during the exams-phase. The University will provide 1 FFPS and a OP mask per student during the first part of the exams-phase. These will be available before and close to the exam rooms. Please take ONLY ONE MASK OF EACH TYPE BEFORE THE FIRST EXAM. We do trust in your honesty so that nobody takes more than 2 masks to make these masks available to everybody.  The masks can be worn for a minimum of 7 hours, so this should be sufficient for the first part of the exams. For the second phase of the exams we will organize another distribution of additional masks.
  • The press release of the Hessian Ministry of Science and the Arts  has announced that students, who failed a non-repeatable exam in the summer semester 2020 (SS 20), the winter semester 2020/2021 (WS 20/21) or the up-coming summer semester 2021 (SS 21) have an additional chance to pass these exams (for those where this applies for SS 20 and WS 20/21, you need to file an application until March 31st to the Geschäftsstelle Prüfungswesen (exams office) – affected students will be contacted);
  • An updated hygienic plan has been released on February 5th. You can access the plan through our website or consult the pdf-file attached. Please acquaint yourself with rules and regulations around the exams.

Please continue the good work and stay healthy!

Best regards

Hans R. Schultz

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