Message from the President Regarding the Coronavirus (XXVI)


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Message from the President Regarding the Coronavirus (XXVI)

Dear colleagues,

In between the constantly changing regulations and news I want to take this opportunity to say thank you! For almost one year now, teaching and scientific staff and all their supporting teams have gone the extra mile to keep the high level of our teaching and research activities and they are still pulling out all the stops – thank you very much! You are doing a great job and please keep up the good work (because unfortunately the pandemic is not over yet).

The questions our students – and I am sure all of you – are most concerned about are the same issues that other universities are facing right now. This became very clear in a video conference yesterday with the Minister of Higher Education, Research and the Arts, the legal department of the Ministry, and all university administrations in Hesse. The most pressing issues are: How can we successfully manage the examination period? What level of knowledge can we demand? Which forms of examination can/must we offer/demand? How can we carry out classroom examinations in accordance with hygiene regulations? Am I putting myself and/or my colleagues/students in a risky situation?

Here is what I think with regard to the upcoming examinations: Trust your experience and let yourself be guided by your demands (after all, these should not be sacrificed!), your goals and your feeling – with this is mind, the examination period can be a success for all parties involved.

I do not have any new regulations for you today – maybe next week. Please don't be disappointed :-)

Nevertheless... carry on and stay healthy!


Best regards,

Hans R. Schultz


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Hannah Schmidt-Weis
Hannah Schmidt-Weis