Message from the President Regarding the Corona Virus (XLV)


Corona Pandemic Update

Message from the President Regarding the Corona Virus (XLV)

Dear colleagues and students,

A request to teaching staff: over the last weeks, several courses, which had been scheduled in presence or in a mixed format (presence+online), were changed to online formats on a short notice (in some cases only 15 minutes before the start of the lectures).Please do not change the course format at the last minute! 

This has several consequences:

  1. For students who prefer to attend courses in person or who have other courses scheduled in presence on the same day (lab courses, seminars a.s.o), a last-minute change to online formats means that their timetable is turned upside down. If they do not carry a laptop they might not be able to log into the online course.
  2. The cafeteria needs to schedule a certain number of dishes per day. If on-site classes are suddenly canceled, less food is consumed in the cafeteria. The catering company is already having financial troubles because of COVID-19 and further problems should be avoided.

Livestream formats (presence + online) have proven to be very useful for courses with a large number of students

  • The IT center has ordered more cameras and microphone sets to be installed in more lecture rooms. If you are interested in using this format, please contact Mr. Hartung. Live streaming is very easy - it only takes 20 minutes to understand how it works.

Home office rules and regulations for staff members: the instructions issued on November 30, 2021 by the State Ministry are still in force

  • Home office can be granted to staff if operational processes and service hours are not compromised.

Please stay healthy


Prof. Dr. Hans R. Schultz
-  President -


Please contact Occupational Safety and Healthcare Management immediately if you have tested positive for COVID-19

If a member of your household or a close contact has tested positive, please call or send an email to Corona(at) to discuss the next steps. Please do not access the campus before the issue has been discussed.

Corona(at) / +49 6722 502 285
(Occupational Safety & Healthcare Management))

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