Message from the President regarding the Corona Virus (LI)


Corona Pandemic Update

Message from the President regarding the Corona Virus (LI)

Please note the attachment

Dear students, 

below some new information.

Teaching/academic programs

  • After an intensive discussion of all University presidents and vice-presidents of academic affairs in the State together with the Ministry of Science and Arts, it was decided to conduct the summer semester 2022 completely in presence on campus! There will be an official statement of all Universities with the Ministry issued. For large courses and lectures, student presence may be coupled to livestream.  On-line formats may still be offered but this will be the exception and will be checked based on the course individually. Wearing masks will still remain mandatory. The general background for going into complete presence are very high numbers of students dropping out of their study-programs and a very high number of students and staff with psychological problems in general. Additionally, there is a persistent feeling among those responsible for the study programs, that we are about to lose a generation of students, who obviously have adapted to their on-line live.  
  • For the upcoming exams, the 3 G-rule (vaccinated, cured, tested) will apply, wearing masks remains mandatory, lecture rooms can be used at max. 50% capacity. All rooms will again be checked for table positions and adequate distances between seats. To all supervisory staff; please check the seating to adapt individually to the exam situation.
  • The academic graduation ceremony will probably coincide with the expected maximum of Covid-Omicron-Infections (18.2.2022), and is therefore cancelled and will be postponed to 29.07.2022 (safe the date) (the summer ceremony will then be for graduates of the winter and summer semesters together). All affected potential graduates will be separately informed by the staff of the teaching and academic affairs Department.

More general

  • Attached find a compilation of information in which combinations of vaccinations, cured-status and time after receiving a vaccination or having been affected by Covid-19 will be sufficient to fulfill the so-called 2 G+ Status.
  • We recommend that staff having been in contact with Covid-19 infected individuals, should stay in home-office (where possible) (quarantine) irrespective of their vaccination or cured status and to contact the Department of Health Protection for further information.
  • What needs to be done, if a positive Covid-19 test has been diagnosed is listed in the attached document (unfortunately only available in German). In any case contact the staff at the Department of Health Protection.

Please stay healthy

Hans R. Schultz


Please contact Occupational Safety and Healthcare Management immediately if you have tested positive for COVID-19

If a member of your household or a close contact has tested positive, please call or send an email to Corona(at) to discuss the next steps. Please do not access the campus before the issue has been discussed.

Corona(at) / +49 6722 502 285
(Occupational Safety & Healthcare Management))

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