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Charity Run Challenge: Geisenheim – Kiev

1,750 kilometer for peace – Deutschlandstipendium holders are challenging YOU to run in aid of Ukraine.

In view of the suffering and destruction in Ukraine, Deutschlandstipendium holders immediately decided to hit the ground running in order to help students and Geisenheim’s partner universities that are affected by the Russian aggression.  

That’s how ...

Geisenheim Scientists Analyze Winegrowers' Response to the Corona Pandemic and their Approaches for a Sustainable Development of Wine Tourism

In an article recently published in the scientific journal Sustainability, Prof. Dr. Gergely Szolnoki from the Department of Wine and Beverage Business at Hochschule Geisenhem University and his team describe how wineries have responded to the corona ...

"First-Hand Accounts from Ukrainian Students and Colleagues" on April 28, 2022
© Dr. Jörn Schultheiß

In addition to the need for practical support and relief supplies, students and colleagues who are affected by the war in Ukraine have told our university that one thing is of key importance to them: They want their voices to be heard ...

Message from the President regarding the Corona Virus (LIX)

Dear Colleagues,

Please note:

  • The university provides 2 self-testing kits per person per week until the end of July.
  • Wearing a mask is still mandatory in all HGU buildings. The 3G rule has been lifted for all events (including courses, lectures and ...
BDO Web Seminar Discusses Effects on German and Ukrainian Wine Industry
Picture Credit: Denys Khalupenko

Sometimes the words of a ten-year old can move you to tears. That’s how many participants of the BDO seminar on March 31, 2022 felt like because the first web seminar after the relaunch turned out to be a very emotional event. It focused on the exchange with Ukrainian colleagues affected by the Russian aggression and on the effects for the German wine industry.

In short presentations, the speakers from the Ukrainian and German wine industry assessed the current situation from their perspective and discussed possibilities to support Ukrainian colleagues. The seminar was hosted by BDO President Prof. Dr. Erik ...

Hochschule Geisenheim University Launches Support Program for Ukraine: "Geisenheim hilft! Ukraine"

With its campaign entitled „Geisenheim hilft! Ukraine“, the university provides a platform to pool fundraising and support initiatives for affected students, staff members and partner universities. Hochschule Geisenheim University reaffirms its commitment to stand united with Ukraine and is planning additional activities and events to raise funds and provide support. Since April 1, 2022, the campus winery donates 1 euro to the campaign for every bottle of wine sold in April and May.

We have all watched in horror as events have unfolded in Ukraine. In view of shocking images, devasting reports from eyewitnesses and the fate of students, staff, alumni and members of our partner universities and the Ukrainian wine industry, ...

Message from the President regarding the Corona Virus (LVII)

Dear Colleagues and Students,

the new Covid-19 related service instructions of the Hessian Ministry of Higher Education, Research and the Arts have been issued and will come into effect April 2nd, 2022 (Read the instructions in German here).

The ...

Changes to Routes on Campus: Updated Campus Map Reflects Construction Impact

Please take note of the updated campus map which is currently in effect due to extensive construction on campus. The shaded construction sites may not be entered. With a click on the image you can open the map as a high resolution PDF. For detailed ...