Corona Update: What to do in Case of Infection or Suspected Infection

Information about the notification procedure in case of suspected infection:

First of all, please first inform your supervisor(s) of the exact circumstances:

  • Quarantine required by the health department / due to travel regulations; 
  • Contact with an infected person;
  • Suspected infection with Covid-19; positive Corona test

Then please report this info immediately by E-Mail: corona(at) and also by telephone: +49 6722 502 285.
The neccessary measures will then be taken centrally.

In the event of a positive corona test or suspicion of COVID-19 a list must be compiled of people with whom there has been direct contact at the workplace within the last five days. These people must be informed and must also leave the workplace immediately, remaining at home until contacted by the health authorities or a negative test result is obtained. The Health Department will usually impose an official quarantine.
All further decisions are made by the Health Department.

If the Health Department does not contact you, please contact to discuss further action.
Supervisors must ensure that an up-to-date telephone list for staff members is available, and this private data should be handled sensitively.

If you have contact or suspected contact, direct or indirect with a person infected with COVID-19, please report this info immediately by E-Mail: corona(at) or by telephone: +49 6722 502 285. so that further measures, such as home office can be discussed.

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Hannah Schmidt-Weis
(Health Management)