State and Students' Unions Set Up Emergency Relief Fund for Students

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Unbureaucratic grant to cover emergencies

Together with Hesse's five student unions, the Federal State of Hesse has announced immediate financial relief for students in need. The amount of 250,000 euros has been made available for the Student Union's emergency relief fund for a short period of time to assist students who have been supporting themselves financially either fully or partially through a part-time job. The funds stem from the federal state's subsidy to the student unions, which was increased with the 2020 budget. It is intended to provide students who would not otherwise make ends meet with a once-off grant of up to 200 euros. The money does not have to be paid back.

"In the current crisis, many typical student jobs, such as working in cafés and bars, have fallen by the wayside," explains Angela Dorn, the Minister of State for Higher Education, Research and the Arts. "I am aware that 200 euros is not a big amount. Nevertheless, given that, unfortunately, we still do not have a nationwide solution for these kinds of emergencies, our main concern was to provide rapid relief that would give students time to look for other sources of funding."

Hesse's Students' Unions, which are responsible for distributing the emergency funds, have welcomed the emergency relief provided for students need of financial support as a result of the coronavirus. Dr. Uwe Grebe, managing director of the Marburg Students' Union and spokesperson of Hesse's Students' Unions working group, expressed his thanks to the state government and the Minister of State in particular: "This is what emergency relief should look like - unbureaucratic and fast. Hesse is not letting students down."

The money will be made available quickly to the Students' Unions in proportion to the number of students they support. Applications can be submitted from the middle of this week. The requirements for the grant can be viewed on the website of the Students' Union responsible for your university.

Source: press release, Hesse's Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts, April 18, 2020

Important note for students: You can apply for the emergency relief via your Students' Union (Stundentenwerk) once the requirements have been published - this is expected to be on Tuesday, April 21, or by Wednesday, April 22, at the latest..