Hochschule Geisenheim University Partners DLG in its YOUNG WINES GERMANY Vintage Check Competition

In its inaugural year, more than 70 German wineries and winegrowers' cooperatives took part in the competition by entering wines from the 2019 harvest. Geisenheim alumni were among both the winners and on the jury.

What potential does a new vintage have? This is what an expert jury has been assessing this year as part of the DLG YOUNG WINES GERMANY Vintage Check before the wines goes on sale in spring. The YOUNG WINES GERMANY award granted by the German Agricultural Society (DLG) is a recommendation for wine producers, which can help provide orientation for both the wine trade and consumers. Hochschule Geisenheim University is partnering the competition organizers and was involved in setting it up.

More than 70 wineries and winegrowers' cooperatives from Germany's winegrowing regions took part in the competition in its inaugural year. The 25-member DLG jury - including eight Geisenheim alumni - evaluated all of the wines submitted. A total of 26 wineries and winegrowing cooperatives succeeded in convincing the jury members of the outstanding quality of their new wines. The winners, including several Geisenheim alumni, will be showcased online at www.dlgts.com/ywg.

German white, rosé and red wines from the 2019 harvest were accepted for the DLG Vintage Check. Wineries had to enter three, whereas winegrowers' cooperatives were required to submit six wines. Tank samples were also accepted. The wines entered in the competition had to originate from the 2019 harvest and meet the requirements for producer or estate bottling.

Make a note today: Take part with your 2020 wines!

The wine business and catering trade are always on the lookout for innovative talent and exciting new discoveries. If you would like to convince the experts of your new wines next year, make a note of the closing date for applications for YOUNG WINES GERMANY 2020: February 15, 2021. Contact: young-wines(at)dlgts.com