Sensory Department

Wine, Beer, Champagne or Whiskey.. you name it - the Sensory Department loves them all!

And since the Sensory Department feels at home in the versatile world of beverages they invest their talents to introduce you to just about anything drinkable. You are always at the pulse of time with all the tastings which are hosted every semester. Interesting speakers, whole new worlds of tastes or the well-known from a new perspective - the Sensory Department keeps it fresh! And don´t be afraid: the tastings are not exclusively for “nerds” - all courses of study are welcome!

The rush to the tastings is enormous, so we cannot guarantee a place for everyone - better be quick!

Contact: sensorik(at)

The world of beverages...

Cider (Applewine)

Currently part of the sensory department

Ruwen Weih

Santiago Tovar Marin

Sensory Department Team until July 2019