In-house Translations & University Terminology

Translation & Proofreading

Hochschule Geisenheim University has an in-house translator who advises and supports all administrative units and departments with translations from German into English and proofreading of English texts. Because of limited capacities, the focus is on texts for our English website and administrative documents such as forms and brochures.

If your text exceeds our capacities in terms of size, deadline or target language, we are also happy to help you find an external translator.


Please contact:

or send an email to our in-house translator:

Terminology & Guidelines

In addition to translation and proofreading, we are also in charge of the university glossaries and our style guide.

These are regularly updated and provide useful tips to improve your English communication and ensure that your English writing is in line with our university terminology.

Our current glossaries and style guides are listed to the right. They are also available on our management portal.

If you habe any questions or suggestions, please contact: