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Perception and contribution – international students in Geisenheim

Balkendiagramm Anzahl ausländischer Studierender an der Hochschule Geisenheim nach Nation
[Translate to English:] Top 10 Herkunftsländer der internationalen Studierenden an der Hochschule Geisenheim

Geisenheim recently received the status of "University Town", however most students associate themselves mainly with the university campus and seldom take advantage of all the town and the region have to offer. On the other hand, Geisenheim's residents seem to have little perception of the increasingly international student population at Hochschule Geisenheim University. A better perception of the international students would lead to better social integration and could also improve the chances of them remaining in Germany. The project in Geisenheim which aims at this integration is built on already-existing offers for international students through the International Office and the Career Service.

The project offers the possibility to increase perception of the offers already taking place, as well as to bring different parties together in networking events. The following are the most central parts of the project:

Media projects: video-portraits of international graduates from all over the world in cooperation with partners; international students' participation in public events in the region; contributions by internationals in regional development projects in the Rheingau.

Press and public relations work concerning location security through networking in regional business and political networks, regular publication in Campus Media, Social Media and regional newspapers.

Representation at trade fairs: companies can strengthen their trade fair presence by having international representatives (advantages in languages and technical knowledge). Applications to companies is standardized through the „Geisenheimer Job Profile“, using anonymous resumes.

Round Tables: A central part of the project is the building-up of a regular communication-platform to discuss increasing the awareness within the region of demographic changes. Round tables should bring together partners from the social, political and business areas, as well as including internal university network partners.

18 network and 8 core network partners

Internal Partner External Partner
Presidium University Town Geisenheim
Career Service GAG (Geisenheimer Aktivgruppe)
International Office Office of Trade & Commerce (IHK) Wiesbaden
Student Association (AStA) Hessen Job Agency (Wiesbaden)
Language Center Foreigner's Office Rheingau-Taunus
VEG – Geisenheim Alumni Association e. V. Rheingau-Taunus Culture & Tourism Office (RTKT)
Internship Coordinator Rheingauer Weinbauverband e. V.
Heads of Degree Programs, Professors, Lecturers Bund Deutscher Oenologen e. V. (BDO)

Project coordinator

International student profile of Hochschule Geisenheim University

International Students

Total: 194 (13 %)

Full-time students: 173

Top ten countries of origin

  1. Italy
  2. Austria
  3. China (VR)
  4. Armenia
  5. Russian Federation
  6. Luxembourg
  7. Georgia
  8. Switzerland
  9. France
  10. USA

84 international students in 3 English-language degree programs

Profile of the Rheingau-Taunus-County

Population development to 2035

↑ 3.3 % (Hessen: ↓ 1.6% )

Unemployment 2016

5.0 % (Hessen: 5.4 %)

Labor force development to 2035

↓ 0.4% (Hessen ↓ 8.2 %)