Department of Vegetable Crops


iSenS: Intelligent sensor systems

Project period
04/2016 - 10/2018

Intelligent sensor systems are key technologies to improve future resource use efficiency and product quality in the production of special crops. They aim at early and precise detection of plant stress, nutrient status or disease appearance, and are an integral part of precision farming systems. At Geisenheim University, research activities related to novel sensor systems are clustered around a Post-Doctoral position at the Department for General and Organic Viticulture and the Department for Horticulture. The cluster, iSenS, will develop innovative approaches towards the non-invasive and automated forecasting of water balance, nutrient status and disease pressure and integrate them into digital decision support systems. Currently, the research activities focus on the utilization of infrared spectrometers to detect stress and nutrient deficiencies using proximal sensing.

Matthias Friedel

Project coordination
Katrin Kahlen1, Jana Zinkernagel1, Susanne Tittmann2, Manfred Stoll2
1Department of Vegetable Crops, 2Departement of Genaral and organic viticulture

Project partner

Department of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition, Department of Wine Chemistry and Beverage Research, Department of Phytomedicine


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