Food Safety Manager

Food Safety Manager

Geisenheim University offers a training as Food Safety Manager.

The training is helt in German and lasts over a 6-month period. It ended with a written and oral examination.

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Part 1

Basic hygiene

  • Processes & technology used in the production of safe foods
  • Introduction to Microbiology
  • Introduction to hygiene in Food Production

Part 2


  • Introduction to the HACCP System
  • Hazard Analysis and risk assessment based on case studies
  • Development and assessment of HACCP Systems

Part 3

Data: elicitation and interpretation

  • Statistical methods for the elicitation, evaluation and interpretation of data in food production
  • Developing inspection plans



Part 4

European Food Law

  • European food laws relating to food safety and product liability

Risk Management

  • Crisis Management including product recall situations
  • Risk Management

Part 5

Principles to Auditing

  • Introduction to auditing: methods, implementation and follow-up work
  • Preparation of audit statements and reports, specifically regarding product and process audits
  • Company communication
  • Conflict management

Part 6


  • Video recorded practice audit



Anne Karen Grimmich
Dipl.-Biol. Anne Karen Grimmich
Building 5905
Room 01.10
Phone +49 6722 502 725
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Bernd Lindemann
Prof. Dr. Bernd Lindemann
Building 6601
Room 02/1
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