Prof. Klaus Werk
Klaus Werk

Prof. Klaus Werk

Organizational Unit(s):Department of Landscape Planning & Nature ConservationProfessorship for Environmental & Conservation Law

Assignment: Competence Center Cultural Landscape (KULT)
Postal Address:Von-Lade-Straße 1
D-65366 Geisenheim

Klaus Werk is born in Hannover 1953. Klaus Werk holds a degree in landscape architecture sciences with the focus in landscapeplanning und  nature conversation at the university of Hannover with the examination 1984. After that he worked  in projectmanagements and projektleading in an own engineering bureau in Hannover and for the NGO BUND (BV) in Kiel. Then he complete the probationary period in landscape management with the examination in Frankfurt 1989. From 1989 til 1993 he was professional busy as a referent by the state nature-administration in Darmstadt and there from 1993 til 2002 as the head of the department für nature conversation and landmanagements. Since 2002 Klaus Werk is called as professor and he is holding the professorship for nature- and environmental law and planning instruments (first FH Wiesbaden, than HGU). He is busy as expert in different affairs of researchprojekts and plannings. Klaus Werk is working in different professional and specialized positions in civil and state organisations. He often gives talks and lectures and is chair of conferences.