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Research Projects

Project start: 01.01.2022
Project end: 30.12.2022
Sponsor: German Academic Exchange Service

Wine is very important in Caucasian countries, both economically and culturally. In recent years, the importance of the wine industry has risen sharply, especially due to the fact that a large part of wine production is exported. In this context, the attractive markets in other European and non-European countries have gained in importance as export destinations in recent years. The high intensity of competition in these markets requires the confident application of economic fundamentals. Building on this, strategies of differentiation are essential in order to stand out from the crowd of competitors. This results in the first thematic focus 'Differentiation'. For the sale of wine in the Caucasus, wine tourism is also playing an increasingly important role. In order to do justice to its importance, this topic is taken up as a second focus both in the lectures and in the excursion destinations. Both focal points are brought together in a practical way in the 'Wine Tourism Project' and are also combined in the discussion rounds. The element of viticulture and oenology in Georgia will be repeated, not only because there was a great demand for this from Geisenheim and Armenian students during the previous summer schools, but also because the traditional 'amphora wines' in Georgia are currently experiencing a renaissance worldwide and have sparked a new trend, also in other wine-growing countries, such as Germany. The Summer School 2022 is planned as an analogue event with digital elements. The entire programme is to take place in person again, but the seminar content and key notes are to be broadcast live and made accessible to (pre-registered) participants worldwide. In this way, the HGU can show its presence at the international level, strengthen its international competitiveness and visibility in difficult times, not only in the Caucasus region but worldwide, and enable professional training from home through the online taster modules.