Winter Semester 2017/18 period 2 (

Examinations - International Wine Business

updated: 15 December 2017

Update - Examination times have been changed

Important information:

In order to participate in exams, you have to register for them within the indicated registration period in QIS system.
It's not possible to register and to unsubscribe after the end of the deadline!
The dates of the exams taking place during the semester will be determined by the module coordinator and you will have to register for them in QIS system within the indicated registration period, either.

Modules - which are assessed without a final exam

Modules in winter semester 2017/18

Information about modules which are assessed without an exam:

-Strict registration period which is the same every year
Winter semester:
November 1 - 30
Summer semester:
April 1 – 30

-no registration or de-registration is allowed after this
-for these courses there is no 2nd date offered

Course assignments

Winter semester 2017/18

International Wine Business

updated 11 October 2017

With regard to the 'compulsory modules' you will be registered automatically.
With regard to the 'optional modules" you must register in the QIS.


Study course:
International Wine Business

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