Preparation Courses

Chemistry Refresher Course 

Prof. Dr. Hey offers a refresher course in preparation for the winter semester.

The course, which takes place over 3 half-days before the start of academic teaching at the university, is made up of lectures and practical exercises in which content taken from General Chemistry, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry and Analytical Chemistry is covered. It builds on school chemistry knowledge and prepares students for the chemistry modules in the university degree programs. There is no attendance requirement in this course.

The refresher course is aimed at all students in the first year of th programs Viticulture, Beverage Technology, Horticulture and International Wine Economics, but would also be interesting for students of Landscape Architecture who are taking the Abiotic Basics or Soil Science classes.

Chemistry Refresher Course

There is no registration for this course!

  • Course length:
  • Place: Gerd-Erbslöh-Hörsaal (Hörsaal 30)
  • Time: daily from 9.30am - 1pm

Contact: Prof. Dr. Mirjam Hey