What is the „HS-GM-Benutzeraccount“ (user account)?

The HS-GM Account is a user account for Geisenheim University students and staff, with which you can access the following university IT services through a single user identity and password:

How do I get an HS-GM Account?

A letter with your access details will be sent to all newly-registered students shortly before the beginning of the semester. Staff receive their details direct from the IT Department, after notification from HR.

The letter contains your user ID, university email address and your master password, and should be kept somewhere safe, and not given to anybody else, including university staff. The master password enables you to access and re-set your account in case of a forgotten password, or to re-set your email-forwarding service.

How is the HS-GM Account activated?

You can activate your account, using your master password, through the following link:

To activate your account choose the option "Account freischalten". Then enter your user name and password.

Now you can change your password, which must fulfil the following requirements:

  • It must contain a minimum of 8 characters.
  • It must be made up of at least 1 lower case letter, 1 upper case letter and 1 number.
  • Only the symbols . , - _ are recognized.
  • The password cannot contain your forename or surname.

The password must be entered a second time and is accepted with "ändern". If an error message is shown, you should check whether the new password fulfils the above criteria. If everything is in order the changed password will be confirmed.

The user account can now be used for all the central IT services of the university.

You haven’t received the letter with your access details or you can’t find the letter?

If you’ve lost the letter with your access details or haven’t yet received one please request it again from the IT Department. Email us at IT-Servicehs-gmde or call the IT service team (06722 502 252). Please provide your forename and surname. Students should also quote their Student ID Number. Please never send master passwords in an email.

Please bear in mind that for security reasons we are unable to send new master passwords by email as we cannot verify your true identity in this way. This also applies to master password information on the telephone.