VITIS-VINUM is a double degree master program offered by a consortium of the Universities of Turin (together with the universities of Milano, Palermo, Sassari and Foggia), Udine (together with the universities of Padova and Verona) and Geisenheim. The aim of the jointly awarded double Italian-German Master of Science (M.Sc.) is to train motivated people at a high scientific master level for higher positions within the wine industry or for a scientific career in Viticulture, Enology and Wine Economics.

The VITIS-VINUMprogram is open to highly qualified students with a completed Bachelor Degree in Viticulture, Enology, Food Science, Plant Production or closely related subjects.

The application and the first year of study takes place in Italy at the University of Turin or the University of Udine and is conducted in Italian. The second year is offered by Geisenheim University, Germany, and carried out in English.


Information about the 2nd year at Geisenheim – academic year 2017/18


Degree program advice
Dr. Manfred Stoll  (Head of Degree Program for year 2 at Geisenheim University)
Tel. +49 6722 502 141
Fax +49 6722 502 140
E-Mail Manfred.Stollhs-gmde